The City of San Francisco signed a law requiring a mandatory retrofit of all pre 1978 buildings that meet the following criteria: 

  • Have 2 or more stories over a soft or weak story and;
  • Contain 5 or more dwelling units

Notices were sent out in September 2013 to all property owners of these buildings. If you received this notice, you need to Complete the Screening Form, which requires the services of an engineer or licensed architect. This allows the City to determine whether a retrofit is required.  

If work has been performed on the building under the AB-094 voluntary retrofit program or to the level the ordinance requires, no further work may be necessary.

The deadline for submission of all forms was September 15th, 2014.


If a mandatory retrofit is required, property owners should consult with an engineer to draw up plans and obtain a permit for the work.  The deadline to complete the work is determined by which tier the building falls into according to the following table:

Tier I - Any building containing educational, assembly, or residential care facility uses (Building Code Occupancy E, A, R2.1, R3.1, or R4).

Tier II - Any building containing 15 or more dwelling units

Tier III - Any building not falling within another tier

Tier IV - Any building containing ground floor commercial uses (Building Code Occupancy B or M), or any building in a mapped liquefaction zone. For information about liquefaction please visit the CAPSS ESIP website.