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No one knows when or where the next earthquake will hit but, we do know that there is significant amount of work to be done in order to prepare the City of San Francisco and it's residents before disaster strikes.  Soft Story Solutions has years of experience within the seismic building industry and their expertise is unrivaled when it comes to securing the structural integrity of properties and protecting the ones that live and work in them.  

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Calling tier 3 building owners!

Deadlines for MSSRP compliance are passing quickly.  Permits are past due for Tiers 1, 2 & 3 and projects should be completed or well on their way!  If you have failed to submit permits, hire a contractor or begin work on your soft story upgrade, you may have already received a Notice of Violation, (NOV) and you must take action immediately.  If you are in Tier 3 & 4, while you may not be out of compliance yet, there is little time left before you too will be hearing from the SF Department of Building Inspections.  Don't hesitate, contact Soft Story Solutions today to request a consultation!

About us

Soft Story Solutions, a division within SF Garage Company,  specializes in seismic upgrades and retrofitting of Bay Area soft story buildings.  Long before the city of San Francisco implemented the 2013 Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program,  SF Garage Company recognized the need for structural upgrading throughout the Bay Area.   Over the years, as the demand for seismic services has increased, so did the need for a department, within SF Garage Company, to focus entirely on soft story retrofits.  Since its inception, Soft Story Solutions has helped hundreds of property owners increase the structural soundness of their buildings, quickly and efficiently, and with unrivaled attention to detail.   

Services Tailored to Soft Story Upgrade

  • Soft Story Retrofit

  • Consultation & Evaluation

  • Design & Build

  • Permit Expediting


Our Team

Our team members have years of experience with design and build, in and around the San Francisco Bay Area and are committed to helping the city San Francisco protect it's buildings and occupants from coming earthquakes.

Our Approach

By working with partnering companies that specialize in structural engineering, permit expediting and construction, Soft Story Solutions is able to complete projects quickly, efficiently and under budget.   

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What is a Soft Story?

Buildings that fall into the "Soft Story" category are those that have large open spaces such as garage parking or restaurants and retail businesses with large windows throughout the first floor. Soft Story buildings are at risk of collapse due to inadequate bracing throughout the lower floor and foundation. Wood-frame buildings of three or more stories or two stories over a basement or underfloor area that have any portion extending above grade, built before 1978, are the most likely to qualify as a "soft story" property and may be subject the Mandatory Soft Story Retrofit Program, (MSSRP).


The MSSRP OF 2013

Run by the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection, the MSSRP was created in 2013 in an effort to prepare and protect the city of San Francisco from damage caused by future seismic events.  Many buildings throughout San Francisco are at risk for severe structural damage in the event of an earthquake but years of background research and analysis have determined that "soft story" buildings are among the most vulnerable. Notices to affected property owners began issuing in 2013, requiring action by the following year. If you have received notice that your building is included in the MSSRP and have failed to comply, you may receive a Notice of Violation (NOV) and your building(s) may be placarded with a warning sign, notifying tenants and the public of the risk posed by the building.  

Is Your Building in Violation?

Have you received a Notice of Violation (NOV)?  Are you experiencing permitting delays with an existing plan?  Was your building was excluded from the 2013 Mandate but you still have concerns about it's structural integrity in the event of an earthquake?  As of September, 2017, there were still almost 500 buildings that had failed to submit retrofit permits.  If you are unsure if your building qualifies or if you have received a Notice of Violation and have yet to take action, now is the time to take the next step in securing your property and the safety of it's occupants.



Tier I - Any building containing educational, assembly, or residential care facility uses (Building Code Occupancy E, A, R2.1, R3.1, or R4).
Tier II - Any building containing 15 or more dwelling units
Tier III - Any building not falling within another tier
Tier IV - Any building containing ground floor commercial uses (Building Code Occupancy B or M), or any building in a mapped liquefaction zone.



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In the city of San Francisco and throughout the greater Bay Area, not only can building code and regulations can change quickly, but the invention of new Seismic technology and better building practices can as well.  Soft Story Solutions is committed to having the most up to date information from the city, as well as full understanding of changes to design & build practices within the seismic industry.  If you are struggling to find your way through any aspect of a Soft Story Retrofit, please reach out to our office and we will be happy to help send your project moving in the right direction!  

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